Its happening!

Today is school registration day. As we head into another school year this momma sure has worries for her 4th grader and to think one day ill have to start school all over again with a new little one.

My son doesn’t want to enter the school year with the last name he has right now but unfortunately do to laws and issues we have to. I am going to try my hardest to possibly get around it and see if for now we can just put his legal name on important documents. Along with that we are having issues of getting insurance for him so re-starting his medication has been put on hold but I hope soon we will hear from the insurance company and he will get covered.

I personally am so ready for the school year to start. I am ready for a routine and to get busy with all the school activities that I won’t have time to think of anything else. It has been a rough morning to say the least but sometimes you have to put your own needs aside to make sure someone else is going to be ok. It is not what I want and the pain I feel is different this time but I am a good person and continuing to fight is just something that goes unnoticed.

Is everyone else getting ready for the school year? Between school supplies and clothes because lets face kids grow so quick these days. I don’t know when my son got so tall. He is gaining some weight so it doesn’t look like he is a string bean anymore.

Yesterday I swam for almost two full hours down the river. My doctor encourages water workouts because it is less hard on the joints. It was relaxing and we all had a lot of fun. If only I could get my stubborn dog into the water. Anyone have any tips because I seem to have tried everything. Maybe he is just way to lazy.

Along with school registration today I have a doctors appointment and have to go find Jaydee a shirt for school picture day because they do that before the school year even starts. I think I am going to continue my theme of a flannel shirt that he has worn every year a different color since starting school. Still have some organizing to do in the house but it is finally coming together.

I took the kitchen table from Arizona with me, it has been through other families I believe and I have started a project of redoing it. Painting it gray and white but for some reason the paint does not want to stick so I am going to try a few more things if those don’t work I think I am just going to burn it. I redid the chairs in Arizona but they no longer fit into the theme of my life so I am going to get new chairs and get rid of these ones. I worked hard on them but no use for them.

Well my day is packed full so I better get moving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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