I used to tell you “I love you to the moon and back” little did I know you would go to a moon and never come back.

We used to sit outside at night and look at the stars together, we would use that app and look at all the different constellations. There are many other things we used to do outside but this was my second favorite thing.

I sit outside at night and wonder what stars you can see at night. I don’t think they are the same. I think we are viewing two different sides of the sky. It’s kind of like our lives and viewing two different memories, times, feelings and hurt.

I took that picture on my way to work this morning at 5:30 am and wondered if you could see it too. If there was a way we were both looking at it at the exact same time.

I’ll be ok but you will never find a love like mine.

I hope everyone has a great Friday! Tonight I am making yummy dishes for our annual party tomorrow! I am so excited to see everyone! This party is on my sons dad side, they have always been family to me while they never became my in laws they have never treated me any different. No matter the girls that come into his dads life, I’ll always be part of their family.

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