Weekend happiness.

WOW what a weekend we had!!


  1. Connie and I pre-shenanigans
  2. Jaydee and his Godparents
  3. Jaydee’s grandpa and godfather with me
  4. The gnomes I took and placed in different places through out the night before I got caught.
  5. Ares napping all day from all the fun!

Ares was not a fan of the fireworks at all. When the first one went off he ran away. Ended up in the corn field and the party took a small turn into a search and rescue team. He was found and for the following 1600 fireworks he was tucked safe and sound into a bedroom.

Jaydee’s grandpa and godfather have called me Amy for the past 12 years. It tends to get confusing for others around us so we wrote Amy down my legs and man was it a conversation topic all night.

I worked the party in hopes I could get my boat sold and out of my garage because I just don’t have the time for it.

Connie and I had a falling out years ago when her and her boyfriend (my sons fathers brother) were forced to pick sides in the breakup. Connie and I were really close attached at the hips. Jeffrey her boyfriend and I were as close as brother and sister. I am really glad I decided to go for the weekend. Jeffery told me he was proud of me. Connie and I fell back into our normal shenanigans like time never came between us. To see everyone smiling at us and so happy that amends were made gave us joy.

I went 24 hours without thinking about them. Except for the million questions from everyone once we talked I went back to playing. Football with the kids, bags, washers, cake fight and endless time with all the dogs.

I was happy, laughing, smiling, singing and dancing. I joked about what happened and moved along without staying to long on the topic. Some cried because they felt bad, some told me how proud they were of my strength and some let me know what an amazing person I am to hold myself up.

Napping is in full force today but I had one great weekend!

I hope everyone also had a wonderful weekend and a great, resting Sunday.

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