In a blink of an eye.

Did you just blink?

Think about how many times in a day you blink. Your life can change in the blink of an eye. One second everything can be perfect and the next completely turned upside down and gone.

Your life can change so fast that sometimes you don’t even get a chance to think. In that one second of fun or maybe a minute, depends on the man- Right ladies? Your world can go from just you to you growing a little human to bring into this world. It can go from having a great time in a bar to having a terrible time in a jail cell. It can change from you breathing to you being picked up by the morgue.

Its something everyone needs to come to terms with. One day you can be laying in bed with the love of your life and the next they are married to their ex. It happens and you have to remember that your life took a turn for the worst in a second that means it can turn for the better in another second.

Last night I was spending time with the kids and before I knew it I was in a cop car searching the town for my best friend. She was missing and no one could tell me where she was. I was panicked, I was scared. What if something happened to her, what if because I slept through her message something terrible happened to her when I should have been there. Thankfully she was just fine. Had a rough night which I think everyone does after drinking just a little to much, but all in all safe and sound.

I have had such a great Sunday. I did nothing but clean my house and spent time with my son and dog. I have been at such peace since yesterday that I didn’t want to nothing but use my new energy to clean my house. It was amazing and some would say that seems boring but really it wasn’t anything short of relaxing. My dad also stopped over to drop off my life jacket because I am going to a birthday party this weekend and he wanted to make sure I was safe. Having my dad so close again has been a blessing.

I have received another raise and I am finally paying down my debit from the move. When I left I expected to get my security deposit back from the house but I didn’t due to things not being left okay. I have moved on from that while it wasn’t all my fault or really any of it I took it and dealt with it because I really didn’t need more drama.

Finally coming to terms with everything has been amazing. I did it on my own time not because someone told me to. I feel so much stronger knowing I did it when I was ready. I let myself have the emotions I needed to and I picked myself back up. Things got pretty overwhelming at times but with the right help and doing a lot of research I know I am better off. I know I can love myself again despite when someone put me through. I know who I am and who I will always be. Finally letting it sink in someones true colors lets you move on from them and not be blinded anymore. There are things that will still go unsaid and I will take to my grave except maybe a late night chat with my best friends but other then that they will stay within me and not leave me.

As a woman I am going to empower other woman. I will never be the one that hurts another person for their own benefit and that right there make me the better person. Treat others as you want to be treated because karma shes mean.

If you think positive then positive things will enter your life and from now on I will only think that way.

Here is to a happy, healthy, amazing NEW ME!

I hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday and has an amazing week.

Goodnight world.

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