Left unspoken.

Tonight I sat down at my desk and wrote a open letter to my ex. I cried and let it all out but in turn ended up putting it into my drafts. Why you ask- it’s because I’m not ready to disclose some information. I’m not ready to make it public how I feel right now. I will post it at some point. When I don’t know but I know one day I will let all the words out. For now it felt good just to get it out and write it down.

For now I encourage everyone that if something is eating away in your mind write it down, let it out and move along.

I am still happy to be moving a long in my life but some days I so miss talking to him but all in all I know what is right.

I hope everyone had a great Monday.

Tomorrow we meet the teacher because we have finally found a school!

Goodnight world. Let’s all pray my nightmares are over and I can sleep a full night.

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