National Dog day❤️

It’s national dog day!

Ares you are the best dog to ever enter my life and be there any time of the day.

Of course a year ago I made another one of these.

Zeus you were an amazing dog. I am so sorry what happened but hopefully you are happy in doggy heaven and playing everyday.

A year ago I looked so happy. I was sitting outside with my dogs and loving my life. Today I will do the same just with one less dog. We are going to play at the dog park and get his favorite ice cream.

My life may have one less person and one less animal in it but I must say I am finally getting where I need to be. I am at peace with everything because I have finally seen everything from an outside point of view.

I may not have the complete family I have always wanted but I know I am better off waiting for someone who loves me and will never hurt me or my child.

I never imagined after how hard I worked in my life that what happened would have ever happened but after my crazy months, emotional roller coaster, mind blowing confusion and extreme pain I can say I am healing. I may be healing alone but it is so much better then the constant hurt and lies.

I no longer have to worry about someone other then myself, dog and children. I no longer have to wonder or cry myself to sleep thinking I am not good enough. Truth is I am good enough. It is 100% his loss and one day it will hit him like a ton of bricks in his chest. Weather it is late at night, during the day, while she is walking down the aisle or the day he is back in the states. It’s going to hit him and the pain will be taken from me and placed in him.

I’m ready to kick Mondays ass and prepare for a week of new beginnings. This week I am in different clinics and excited to learn different techniques of the dermatology world.

Everyone have a great start to your week and take your puppies for a walk and spend a little time with them because they are always there for you!

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