In my feels.

I started the day waking up early and getting ready for my scans. My little one didn’t have school so he took the adventure with us to the hospital where he sat so good in a room while I went back for the long day.

I was all in my feelings today. Not really sure what to feel so I felt a whole range of emotions. Scared, sad, happy when it was done. They inject this stuff that causes your body to become so warm and you taste the nastiest taste ever but you can’t swallow while the scanner is moving.

When we got home after a long day at the hospital and after going to breakfast because when I was done I was starving I did some cleaning and decided to take some pictures because I actually took the time to really get ready this morning.

Today while scary was great day. Hanging out with my loves and having one of my greatest friends stop over to the end night is exactly what I have needed. However to make the day just a little more better I have finally started my home buying process. I am so excited that in just a short amount of time I will be looking for a place to call home. A place where rooms can be painted however we are feeling. A place where my dog can run free in a fenced back yard. I am so proud of myself for being a single mother, working two jobs and buying a house!

Life is great, there are bumps in the road but I am handling them the best way I know how. I am strong and fierce and ready for this next chapter. Life can be on hell of a ride so I have tightened my seat belt and ready for it!

I hope everyone had a great Monday!

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