Don’t play with fire.

They always say growing up don’t play with fire or you will get burned.

This weekend was a understatement of that. Saturday had consequences that changed my weekend fully. I stop, dropped and rolled when my jacket and face caught fire. A bonfire had exploded leaving my eyebrows burnt, my eyelashes about a cm long and my hair, well my hair got 4inches cut off today fixing the damage after I have worked so hard to grow it out.

This all happened before my first “real” date in so long. I didn’t think I was ready. I was nervous and scared. I called my dad who told me it was a good idea just to go and enjoy myself what happens happens. I haven’t seen anyone since SC. He thought I did and sometimes it was fun to play along but I in fact did not see anyone or do anything with any man since him.

On Sunday I got ready put on makeup, did my hair to the best of my ability with it burnt and all. We went hiking at a state park near me. It was beautiful. I brought Ares with me and we walked five miles. We talked, laughed and shared life experiences. He is a cop and surprise from Arizona. It’s funny how things in life can fit together. We talked about my time in Arizona, life goals, dreams and where we want to go in life. I had fun and enjoyed the outdoors so much.

Ares lives walking ahead of us and looking back before running off in the woods. We looked for what we thought was the best leaf we could find. Colors flooded the trees and a cool breeze kissed our faces.

He has texted me since and has kept a conversation flowing. It’s nice to have someone so interested in me and my life. He texts me when he can on his shift and makes me laugh with his comebacks. Someone on my sarcastic level. Tomorrow we are going to brunch. I am actually taking the time to get to know him.

My guard is up, my walls are tough but in time even if it isn’t him I will find the life I have always dreamed of even with the heart breaking set backs.

30 is starting out pretty damn good.

I hope everyone is great ❤️

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