Being a momma

I wear all three boys birth colors and names on my ring finger. I keep them there because it’s the side of my heart.

They are the reason for my existence. This video was hard one for me. I know they don’t have a dads. I know I am alone in this but I also know I am a better person because of them.

I work hard, sometimes to hard but we have a home, food, running water and fun things because of it.

Lately it has been weighing on my that I have lost what I thought were good people out of our lives. Some days I struggle even when no one can tell. I feel like I am always rushing. I sometimes think I am not doing enough or I’m to tired to often.

It is a crazy world to live in right now. You have to keep pushing through. You have to get up and remember where you came from. How far you have come and the great ones, the real ones and the genuine ones will stay no matter what.

You have to keep the ones who truly want the best for you close and let the others weed themselves out. Weather it’s a friendship or relationship it’s never worth losing yourself over.

Close the door and continue being happy.

I am truly happy with the way my life is right now, like I said I do have down days but they don’t last long and they are so far and few in between.

I am happy and will continue to be because I have been waiting way to long for this feeling.

My come back is strong!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy. 🤍

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