September already?

School has started already which is crazy to me. The week of school starting we headed up north for our first annual family Labor Day weekend. There was kickball, volleyball, tractor rides, girls day, canoeing, snapping turtles, grilling, exploring and exhausted dogs. Ares finally went in the river but at two years old it quickly hit us that the poor dog didn’t know how to swim. So picture a dog acting like a bunny hoping through the water because he just couldn’t grasp swimming. Bless that one.

The second week in and the boys get a sickness. Th little one having the worst respiratory symptoms. So my overall judgment was to get them all tested. Thankfully my boys came back with negative results for Covid and instead having the common cold. It went around quick to us all with me being the last to get it. I still have off Mondays and Tuesdays but that doesn’t mean I can stop being a mom. Thankfully I have a wonderful support system to help me when exhaustion kicked in. The house warming party had to be canceled but rescheduled for the 26th. A day after my birthday so it will all just be one weekend now.

Last night brought on be an anxiety attack had me up til the early hours of the morning. They have been far and few between and working out has helped as best as it can. I have been living a medication free life for almost a year along with deleting most social media and of course quitting smoking. We have fallen into a pretty good routine the boys and I and we make it through each day with minimal delays. Owning a home has always been a dream but I always thought I would be with someone to do it with but I have become pretty independent over my life that I am proud of myself for all that I have been blessed with in the last year.

Football started this past Sunday. I crushed fantasy football and watched My bears get by with the win against the Lions. It was bitter sweet and a little sad that I didn’t have someone to bet with and play fun because I only know one lions fan in this world. They are far and few these days. I still check my hangouts app from time to time to see if he has read my last message or even thought about messaging me. I would have enjoyed some trash talking during the game. I miss having the friend I once had.

It’s time to start my day with some coffee!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy 🤍

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