Birthday weekend!

This past weekend I had something to do each day.

Friday- I took the day off of work for my birthday. I cleaned up the yard, I mowed the lawn and decided to be a good neighbor and help mow their lawn as they have been working a lot. I ended up being stung by ground bees and thankfully I am not allergic. I just enjoy mowing so much. Everyone came over for a bon fire and to play a new game I got called slide in the dms. If you haven’t played go get it and play with friends, we laughed for hours. We sat in the gazebo with a fire going outside of it because the mosquitoes are of course terrible right now.

Saturday- my house warming party. I gave tours to everyone that came over and we had so much food. We all sat and talked for a few hours. Some traveled quite a ways just be there for the event. It was great to see everyone and man did I get Home Depot cards like crazy. It will come in handy when time to remodel the kitchen next year. After everyone left two of my friends took me to the casino to keep the birthday weekend going. They had it all set up to have someone watch the boys while I went out.

Sunday- Along with my birthday weekend it was also girls shenanigans weekend. The men watched all the boys while the girls surprised me with a trampoline park. I was so excited and had the best time, we ended the long weekend watching football. While the Bears won again in the afternoon game I wicked it up and watched the packers. Mainly because of that head coach 😍.

This weekend we made our plans to head up north for a weekend and get out of town before the snow and ice fishing starts. I love taking the boys up there. It was one of the best weekends I have had in awhile but I am one tired momma.

As another year hit and another year older I reflected over the past year. There were bad days, good days and great days. I have grown so much and learning to let go and love myself.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

My birthday bonfire and the moment I found out we were going to a trampoline park.
My dog thinking he is a lap dog during the Packer game.
One year older.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy 🤍🤍

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