I choose to be happy.

I’m surprised it took this long for someone to tell me but today I received news that I thought would kill me. News that that I knew at some point would come but never this soon.

However it didn’t kill me I’m still here. I didn’t cry, I didn’t feel anything. Looking at the picture sent to me I smiled. I am happy with my life and knowing that there is a plan for everyone.

I will never regret things in my life because even the worst memories are just lessons. I have gone through all that I have went through to make me who I am as a person.

I will always be here no matter what for anyone weather you are close or even hurt me I will be here if ever needed.

I am sad that it came from another source but I guess that is what happens when people become strangers again.

Today is the day I choose happiness over anything and today is the day I will finally move on. I will start my next chapter as my life going forward, I never got closer but now I don’t need it.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy 🤍

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