One day at a time.

I say it time and time again, Ares is truly my best friend.

The last two weeks have been hard on us. I took him out ice fishing and something unknown to us happened. A few days later he stopped using one leg. He had a hard time getting up after laying down. Now this dog of mine is the most DRAMATIC animal I have ever met. I didn’t think much of it but then I started to get a weird feeling that something was wrong.

After awhile I had to make a appointment for him. The vet called me and said they believed he has torn his ACL. Unfortunately a surgery for that is a lot of money in a dog. Money that I don’t have to just give right now with a remodel starting with building another room so my boys don’t have to share a room if another one comes and life general. So the doctor gave us some pain medication and relaxers and said wait until Monday and see if he just pulled something. Now Ares started refusing going outside to the back because of the stairs. My amazing man at 9pm went out bought carpet and placed it on the stairs just for Ares not to be worried anymore about slipping. As of today Sunday he is doing so much better. No longer limping, he is playing outside and getting up just fine. We will be doing X-rays on Monday just to make sure it is not a ACL tear. I didn’t want to do it at first because they have to sedate him to get the X-rays and won’t allow me in the vet with him and that breaks my heart. So here is hoping that is comes back as just a pulled muscle.

Mr. Handsome right here is now in his favorite spot to watch some football. While I am not a Packers fan the rest of the house is except I may have swayed one little boy onto my side- however he may just not understand yet.

Ares life with you is amazing and I hope you are just being your over dramatic self. 🤍

I hope everyone is happy and healthy living their best life like my Ares 🤍🤍

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