Well Monday came and went. Tuesday my boy was outside playing and next thing I know he is screaming and when I say screaming it hit my heart like a bullet. I ran to Ares in the snow and he was crying so hard that I started to cry. We went to a new vet that would allow one of us in. My little one had his checkup so my other half took him to the vet.

It was confirmed that he completely tore his ACL while outside playing. When ice fishing he most likely partially tore it and playing outside just completed it. The vet was amazing and told us he has been doing the surgery for 35 years. He will do the surgery in about three weeks.

The surgery is going to be costly and frankly he told us we didn’t even have to do it. That dogs can live just fine without a ACL however he is only two and I feel like the weird feeling he would have just wouldn’t be a fun life for him.

Over the next few weeks we will save the extra money to spend on the surgery and get back into the snow loving crazy dog he is. In the mean time medication is his best friend. We have been sleeping on the couch due to the fact he can’t get up the stair and if he does he tried to crawl under the bed to his favorite spot which puts him in some pain. Over the next few days the pain will go away and we just have to wait for the surgery.

Medication is strong 😂

I am so thankful for this dog and the hard times we got through together I just have to give him the best life.

On a little brighter note our plane tickets are booked for our annual spring break trip and I am really excited for it. To get back to hiking and warmth.

Life can sometimes hit you with hard days but we have survived 100% of our worst days and trust me when I say nothing can be worse then the past years.

Stay happy. Get vaccinated. Stay healthy.


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