What a week!

This week was a big one in this household. We leave in nine days for Arizona and I can’t wait to get to the warmth.

Mr. Ares had his ACL surgery this week. The first night was absolutely awful. He screamed all night long but we made it through. He is healing well each day and is starting to use it however very little. Of course he is being super dramatic per his usual self. He loves to stick by my side which brings me to the next exciting part of our week.

Today we had our first ultrasound to see the baby. There was a heartbeat! I cried tears of joys and a sigh of relief while I am still on edge and hoping for a sticky baby and healthy pregnancy I celebrated just a little bit.

While we haven’t announced to many people I am glad I have this space to share with all of you! I have enjoyed connecting with amazing humans from all over the world. I love the questions and being able to help you in the struggles you are facing.

This week I am not feeling much for pregnancy symptoms. My boobs and butt have what seems like tripled in size but I won’t complain about that. Other then that I feel great. I wake up early and have energy until about three and then I am ready for bed.

Once we announce it to everyone and get a little farther a long I will let you know each week how things are going and of course post pictures!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy! 🤍

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