Nine weeks.

We made it to nine weeks baby! Some exciting stuff happened last week.

First we did our announcement.
Then we let family and friends guess the gender 🥰
Then we announced the gender.

It has been some of the best weeks I have had since my last two pregnancy’s and seeing heart beats. This one has a heart beat of 185! Strong and going.

Another little boy is being added to the pack! While I was hoping for a little girl- I know how to raise boys. I have had quite a bit of practice. I’m also proud to raise great boys that will turn into men and threat others with respect and love- I want to raise better men in this world then some I have known.

With all that we love to introduce-

Phoenix Samuel

Phoenix is due this October and as long as he is healthy and growing he can stay there as long as he needs.

This week has been the hardest with morning, sorry all day sickness but he loves veggies and fruits so I’m eating healthy to avoid the sickness. I have also been so tired. I have been taking my naps to make it through the day but thankfully I have great family and friends that help with everything so I can get some sleep during the day.

Soon we will enter the second trimester and I am hoping to get some of that energy back just for a bit. However I will take any symptom I get because that means I still have a healthy growing boy.

We are off to look at another house. We designed our kitchen yesterday and I am so excited to get that started.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.!

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