Ten weeks.

This was a rough week. They have once again changed my due date but still in October and I figure he is going to come when he wants anyways.

Over all each day I feel ok. I have some nausea, acid reflex, excessive saliva- which I find to be the absolute weirdest pregnancy symptom.

We have started our weekend tradition as our favorite ice cream place has opened back up for the season. Taking the boys there and having family time makes me so happy. Even when we bring Ares they have pup ice cream.

We are still searching for the new house. What is crazy right is we were out bid on one over the asking price by someone who never even step foot in the house. It blew my mind. Houses right now are going so fast. We should wait for the market crash but I’m a impatient human sometimes and really want the bigger yard and space before our newest little boy enters the world.

This past weekend was so warm that we had a family cookout Saturday and then Easter outdoors on Sunday. We did a egg hunt with all the boys and searching for their baskets. I am excited for the spring/summer to be here but I know now that once it’s fully here we have plans just about every weekend and while I love all the family/friend time I sometimes miss the snuggles in bed so this year we have decided that Sundays we will have our ice cream and the boys get to watch a movie in our room to start a new week.

On to week 11- let see what it has in store 🤍

One thing is vivid bazaar dreams- those can go away at any point in time 😂😂

I hope everyone is happy and healthy!

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