Weeks 11 and 12.

So I missed a few and that’s ok. Tomorrow we are at 13 weeks and counting!

Yesterday we got to see baby boy but we interrupted his nap time and he didn’t seem to happy. He has found the smallest possible place he can and curled up in a ball. In the middle of measurements he just rolled over, forget it he was done and going back to sleep.

So much crazy stuff has been going on the last two weeks. We are filling totes with stuff for a rummage sale. We are really downsizing our house hold. We have been house hunting for our second home with the ability to rent this one out by time the baby comes.

The biggest news is we bought a camper last week and by Friday we went on out first camping trip. It was so much fun! The boys did the polar plunge and got a free tshirt out of it. They did arts and crafts, candy bar bingo and played at the park. We had s’mores and watched a movie before bed. I truly enjoyed being outside with our boys. Now Ares on the other hand he loved being outside but getting him in the camper was a little harder then I had hoped for. We have decided to put carpet in the camper in hopes he likes it a little bit more. I mean he has his own bed! The boys have their own beds and we have a king on the other side. I know I know that’s not “camping” but heat and AC were a must when we were shopping for one. I’m getting bigger and hotter!

We have camping trips planned and reserved already! Just waiting for school to get out and I am just about ready to leave my job at the clinic and focus more time on my family.

I am so glad that over the last two years I have worked my butt off to be able to afford all that we have now. I am so happy that I can give a life to my children that they will grow up and love the memories they have.

To have all boys is crazy to me but I wouldn’t change it because the adventures are my favorite.

Over all I would say this has been the best pregnancy out of the three thus far. I am not very sick, I have gained the right amount of weight. I would say the headaches and lack of sleep have been the worst and even that isn’t so bad.

I do want to talk about something that is really affecting some.

April 24th has been declared by some immature humans as National rape day- sexual assault is not ok. I have spoken about this before more so in the military. If you at any time feel Uncomfortable or not in a safe place, use your voice. Scream, yell, until you are heard. Abuse is the worst thing in this world, while it has made me a stronger person I hope no one else ever has to go through it. Protect yourself.

Be loud, be rude and stay safe!

Hope everyone is great!

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