13-19 Weeks.

I have missed some weeks and updates. time is going so fast that it never occurred to me that I have not written in a long time.

Tomorrow we are nineteen weeks and I look it too. Phoenix is growing each day and every night we get to hear the heart beat thanks to the roo! We found it at target and it plays the heart beat through my phone. The best part is I can send the sound to my dad so he can hear from afar. I am patiently waiting for the first kicks to be felt. In few weeks we have our big scan and I hope he is moving like crazy. Normally during our ultrasounds he is just napping in the small space he tucks himself into.

What other crazy updates do I have for you? Well lets start with the most challenging one for me. I have finally decided on a time to leave my job at the clinic. It makes me a little sad, as I have worked so hard to get into the position that I have. Not only do I love my job, I truly love the doctor I work for. She has been not only a great co-worker but and amazing friend. If the job was closer I would consider staying just for the simple fact I love going to work however starting in July I will solely start working from home, which brings me to my next news.

On June 1st we close on our new home! That is right I have bought another house and I cannot wait. Bigger yard, laundry on both floors and my favorite part- there is the biggest bar in the basement for hosting parties with our amazing friends. With this I have bought two homes in one year and to say I am grateful is an understatement. While first home is big enough for us, it has become troublesome for my pup Ares. After his surgery he has decided that stairs just isn’t his thing anymore. I was willing to buy another house to make him comfortable. Yes you read that right I bought a new home for my dog. However now I have my very own rental property which is allowing me to leave my job at the clinic. I will still do my job from home, I am just leaving my long commute to the clinic.

In the center of all this we have purchased a new car which is my favorite to take on joy rides. Its the one I take when going out with the girls mainly because it is a quick car and much different from my suv. I love my Suv and pulling the camper on our trips, along with seats for the boys to have their space but this mom also likes to go fast and enjoy her “nascar” time.

I didn’t want to come back to Wisconsin. I enjoyed Arizona and I enjoyed the outside activities that it had. However if I would have not gotten my heart completely ripped out of my body and my mental health destroyed I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I have now. I can’t say that if it did work out and I would have moved to Florida with him and bought my first house with him paying in cash like I did my first house here if I would be this happy. I can’t say that my happiness with him outweighed the happiness I have here. I mean from the start I wasn’t treated the best. I felt used most of the time and I never really felt loved by him. I felt as if I was a roommate and someone to play house with. I felt used to get him back into the game and back to her. I am still healing, I am still trying to feel okay. I hope and pray that one day I will.

Back to the good. I have spent the day purging some stuff for a garage sale and starting the amazon baby registry. His family has been asking like crazy so I put one under my name and starting putting things on it to be bought and sent to us.

Once we close on the new house we will slowly start to move things over and get this house ready for the family to enjoy it just as much as we have this last year.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

I am going to leave this with a question, if you could take a week long trip in Aug. to either North Carolina, Montana or Florida what would you chose? I just can’t seem to decide where to go for our baby moon! However I am leaning more towards the ocean over hiking the mountains. I have some really good friends that live in Pensacola that have been asking for me to visit and that might be the winner but I have also always wanted to go to North Carolina so it is a hard choice.

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