Half way there!

We bought a house

We closed on our house and are patiently waiting for painting and upgrades to finish so we can move in and start renting out our current home.

Phoenix Samuel

We are half way through the pregnancy. He is growing as he should and moving like crazy. He enjoys flipping and napping.

My chubs turns three this Saturday so naturally I have a party planned for him. Ice cream and pup friends will be had at the beach.

I only have two weeks and two days left at the clinic. It saddens me to be leaving but working from home is going to be amazing. I have some of the best co-workers and some of the worst around. I will miss some but am truly thankful my kids won’t see a day care in their lifetime.

As we are entering summer and all our crazy plans, I sometimes have to take a step back and remember to soak it all in.

We are headed out of town for the Fourth of July, camping trips and hiking trips are planned. In August we have finally decided on our baby moon trip. My oldest son has always wanted to return to his birth state so we are headed to Florida and Alabama for a week Long Beach trip! Im not sure about driving at 30 weeks but I am really excited for this trip to the ocean and of course see some friends in Florida! I have never been to the pan handle so it will be something new for me as well!

Hope everyone is doing great!

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