Life update.

My baby boy has learned to love water and swim! Ares last year wanted nothing to do with the river, this year we couldn’t get him out. It ran him to exhaustion each and every day we were in the north woods!

I got engaged! It was absolutely the best Fourth of July in my life! I am so thankful for this man and the love he shows not only me but my boys. Ones he didn’t have to but walked in and said I’m here and meant it!

We hung out in the river a lot!

Took my last photo of bump and I at work before leaving my job at the clinic. We have moved into our new house. We found an amazing tenant for our old house.

I am so blessed to have my boys, our home, a baby boy on the way, getting married and truly loving my life. We don’t have to work hard to have all that we have because we worked our butts off this last year and I have been working hard since what happened in Arizona.

I still struggle some. I have anxiety still and flash backs. I have body image issues still and fear of the unknown. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the horrible things that happened but I am doing better now then I ever would have been with them. They would have drained me and now I fill my own cup and love myself.

We are all booked for our trip to Fort Morgan, Alabama in August! We plan to take The kids over the boarder into Florida because Jay really wants to go! A whole week of beach and water! I’m glad we can explore two states before the newest addition comes!

Hope everyone is as happy and as healthy as we are! Stay tuned for a big announcement Friday 🥰🥰

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