I’m late.

I know I know I said an announcement was coming but forgive me pregnancy brain that I forget to get on here and post anymore.

Are you ready?

We got married! On July 23rd we took our closest friends and family and had a small wedding and celebrated in our yard. While we plan to have a big wedding next year with everyone post pregnancy it was so nice to just have it this way first.

We are currently In Alabama celebrating our honeymoon/baby moon!

It has been amazing so far. Thursday we are headed over to Pensacola, Florida because my oldest son wants to visit Florida so very bad. We are going to enjoy the boardwalk, do a little shopping and find a yummy restaurant to eat at.

Pregnancy is going well and while we have just about hot 30 weeks I feel like it is going by so slow!

I really miss my dog though and that probably has been the hardest on me this vacation- hormones!

The last doctors appointment with our babe and we got the all clear to take this trip. As I enter the high risk stage of this pregnancy we weren’t sure if I would be cleared but they cleared us and when we return home I will start my bed rest/light work. I am glad I get this vacation with my boys and the relaxation is amazing!

Hope everyone is doing great and thanks for the patience in the long awaited news.

I promise you things do get better if you work hard towards them. Abuse doesn’t define your life!

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